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Jay Rome starts discussions with Paul & Conrad

ABOUT: DJ Rome aka Jay Rome

If you've been around the drum n' bass scene for a while, you've probably heard of Blu Saphir Recordings, the brainchild of Austria's Jerome Roth, better known as Jay Rome. Since its genesis, the label has created a home for rolling, deep, liquid and techno-laced vibes from the likes of Contour, Muffler, Twintone, Sinistarr, Derrick & Tonika, Carter, Submorphics, Bungle, Ill Esha, Big Bud, Blue Motion, Schematics, Dave Owen, Paul SG, Bionic1, Enei, Electrosoul System, Hayato and so many more.

In addition to the parent label, Blu Saphir Recordings has hatched three sister labels, Digital Blus Recordings, dedicated to releasing the most innovative drum and bass in a digital format; Sync:Saphir, a collaboration between Syncopix of Syncopix Recordings, with an aim to release the freshest deep, minimal and liquid drum 'n bass, featuring both veteran and upcoming producers; and Blu Saphir LTD, an imprint focused on deep, dark, experimental drum 'n bass.


Blu Saphir Recordings was created in 2005 on the grounds of improving and expanding the variety of sounds that drum and bass has to offer. Jay Rome got in contact with Muffler, Kaleb, and Contour back in 2004. He loved their music and decided to work with them on a new label to release proper music. “Twintone and I had completed a tune entitled I Try, which had such good feedback that Muffler decided to do a remix. We had these tunes ready for the label, so we started Blu Saphir Recordings to release it.”